What’s the darkest legal tint for cars in Victoria?

There are so many great benefits to tinting your car’s windows (protecting the interior from UV damage, increasing your privacy and reducing the oppressive summer heat) that it’s no surprise that tinting is one of the most popular after-sales upgrades. For some people, the darker the tint the better, however there are laws in Australia [...]

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How to Cool Your Home with Window Film

More than 6% of the electricity generated in Australia is used to power air-conditioning systems which cool both homes and offices around the country. As other nations such as China, India and Brazil become more developed, they will likely follow this trend. As well as being expensive to the consumer, air-conditioning also increases greenhouse gas [...]

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How to Look After Your Tinted Windows

Maintaining your newly tinted windows starts right at the very beginning, on the day that they are freshly tinted. It is vital that you give the mounting solution time to dry properly, before you do anything about cleaning your windows. Not paying attention to the care instructions for newly tinted windows is one of the [...]

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