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Safety Window Film for Child Care Centres

Whilst natural light and fresh air is something we expect in child care centres, so is the safety of our children. With all the glass in windows and doors of child care centres, it’s good to know that this glass must meet the Australian Standard requirements (AS 1288-2006).

If a child care centre doesn’t comply with these standards, then the safety of our children will be at risk. For example, in 2017 a child was hospitalised for a laceration to the wrist caused when the child leaned on a glass window at the child care centre. WorkSafe found that a number of the doors and windows at the centre contained glass that did not comply with Australian Standards.

What are the Australian Standards for glass in child care centres?

As with all laws and regulations, these standards are quite complicated, but essentially it stipulates which windows and doors need to comply with the standard. Although it makes everyone’s life easier and safer if al glass in child care centres complies!

The latest update of this standard states that any glazed area that is accessible to children in a child care centre (specifically at or below one metre above floor level; 0.75 metres if the centre was approved prior to June 1st, 2014) must use grade A safety glass if required by the Building Code of Australia. This type of glass is tougher than regular glass and it won’t shatter into thousands of shards if broken, reducing the risk of injury.

If a childcare centre is run from a private home, then safety glass must be installed throughout the home. It’s important to note that a child care provider doesn’t need to install grade A safety glass if they install a safety window film over the glass. This brings the glass up to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, because it prevents shattering if the glass is broken; alternatively the glass can be guarded with barriers that prevent access to the glass by children.

Clearly, it’s going to be much faster, easier and less expensive to install safety window films than replacing all the windows in a child care centre.

What is safety window film?

Safety window films are designed to reduce the risk of injuries caused by broken glass. They fit over the glass, holding all the shards together, so that if the glass is broken it doesn’t cause any injuries. When grade A safety glass is not required under the Building Code of Australia the application of safety window films is a great option.

Safety window films can be applied to all sliding doors, glass panels in doors, and all windows.

When it comes to safety window films, you have two options: with or without a solar film. Both options are 100-micron thick, but the option with solar film also reduces the heat, glare and UV rays from the sun shining in through external glazed doors and windows.

If you need grade A glass or safety window films installed in your child care centre, call us on 0402 221 505