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Car Detailing

Get the Best Car Detailing in Melbourne

We are proud to partner with one of Melbourne’s leading car detailers, allowing us to offer an additional service for your vehicle.

Get your car looking as good as new with the highest quality workmanship and great results every time!

The detailing process

  • Thorough decontamination to assess potential paintwork damage
  • Foam with Ph neutral shampoo
  • High pressure wash
  • 2 bucket wash (to remove contaminants)
  • Refoam and high pressure rinse
  • Dried with waffle weave drying towel (for smooth water pickup)
  • Hand test for any pigments.
  • Thorough Clay bar wash (if required)
  • Cleaning the wheels and guards
  • Paintwork inspection under bright lumen lights
  • Mask up the car (to protect it during polishing)
  • Polishing to correct any paintwork issues
  • Re-wash the vehicle and then air dried

Once completed, we apply a wax sealant or ceramic coating to the paintwork (depending on your specific situation). This will ensure maximum protection and longevity for your car. The tyres, guards and rubber seals are all treated with a special rejuvenater to give that factory shine.