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Box Hill's Window Tinting Specialists

When you require window tinting services, you want to ensure that it will be done to a high standard of work. Putting up with bubbly or low-quality films on your office, home or car windows is something no one should have to do.

With more than 18 years of experience in the industry, Kustom Window Tinting is the professional team to turn to in Box Hill. Our expert services using only the best quality films on a range of surfaces means you’re guaranteed value for your money as well as a pleasing result.

Why use window tinting?

There are a number of distinct advantages to applying a window tint, including:

  • Increased visibility as much of the sun’s glare is blocked out
  • Aesthetical appeal
  • More privacy is provided for inhabitants of the car or building
  • Reduced heat from Box Hill’s harsh sun, meaning your car is of a more comfortable climate when you enter it, and causing you to use less air conditioning
If you want to reap these benefits for yourself, call the expert team at Kustom Window Tinting on 0402 221 505 or contact us today!