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5 Mistakes to avoid when tinting a car

Nothing ruins the look of a car than a bad tint, although a poor paint job does come close. Tinting however, is something that you choose to do because it has some significant benefits, so why would you settle for a job that is below par?

Obviously, the best car tints are performed by the experts who can apply the tints correctly, ensuring a professional job with no kinks, air bubbles, creases or peeling.

1.    Selecting the cheapest brand of film

If you attack the problem of window tints with a view to saving as much money as possible, you will end up wasting your money on a poor product. So if you have just found the bargain of the year, walk away quickly and find an installer who offers higher quality tints that will cost more, but won’t be a waste of money.

2.    Accepting a dodgy quote

As with other types of businesses, there are always unscrupulous people who are just out to make money. An easy way to empty your pockets is by not scrutinising a quote, leaving yourself wide open to pay for all the ‘necessary’ extras, which are in fact very necessary and should have been included in the quote! So make sure that your quote includes both labour and all parts that are needed to install your new window tints.

3.    Getting illegal tints

Some dodgy installers will also install illegal tints on your car, which isn’t illegal in itself, it’s just the driving around with illegal tints that’s the problem! Any professional installer who wants to build a good reputation with the community will know which tints are legal in your state and will follow the rules. So if an installer offers you illegal tints or doesn’t know what tints are legal, walk away very quickly!

In Victoria, the VLT (visible light transmission) for tinted windows is pretty much the same as for the rest of Australia, but there are a few differences. This can be a problem if you move interstate to Victoria with a car that has windows that were tinted in another state.

4.    Using an inexperienced installer

Whilst window tints aren’t hugely expensive, you still don’t want to waste your money on a bad job. Unfortunately, this happens far too often, because anyone can say that they can install auto tints for you. The only real way to know if an installer is an experienced professional is by having a friend’s recommendation or by selecting a company that specialises in window tint installations – in other words, it’s their bread and butter!

5.    Not getting a warranty

Another sign of a shonky window tint installer is when you don’t receive a warranty for the tints. You should always receive a warranty for both the tints and the workmanship involved in installing the tints, so always ask about their warranties before you book your car in for tints. After all, if your tints start to blister, peel or bubble, you want to be able to have it fixed ASAP.

With these five tips you should have no problem finding an experienced professional auto tint installer in your community.