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6 Reasons office window tinting makes sense

Most of us understand the reasons why window tinting is good for our cars, but we tend to ignore window tinting for office windows. It is becoming more popular in offices however, but if you aren’t convinced of this wisdom, here are six benefits that make office window tints good business sense.

1. Theft deterrence: Dark window tints on your office windows prevent people from seeing inside, so thieves have no idea what’s on display in your office and if anyone is actually inside or not. Even at night when no-one is likely to be working at the office, if you leave a night light on, so it looks like someone is inside, window tinting will increase your safety and security.

2. Reduce energy bills: Window tinting prevents the sun blasting in through the office windows in summer, reducing the amount of work your A/C needs to do to keep everyone comfortable. This in turn, reduces your energy bills. In winter however, the tinting keeps heat inside, reducing the amount of heating that is needed and again, reducing your power bills.

3. Increased privacy: If people walking past can see straight into your office area, then your employees can feel quite intimidated. It can also distract your staff from their work and you might not want pedestrian traffic seeing what you are doing anyway! Tinting your office windows massively increases the privacy in your office space, to the benefit of your employees.

4. Reduce glare: Sunlight shining directly though your office windows can strain your employee’s eye and give them headaches. It can also create a significant amount of glare from computer screens, iPads and even smartphones with the same result – eye strain and headaches. Tinting the windows solves these problems.

5. Maintain furniture: Sunlight can be very harsh on both furniture and furnishings, fading carpets, rugs, upholstery, window dressings and furniture. This makes your office space look old, worn and unkept, the complete opposite of what you really want to portray to your customers. Window tinting will dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight that pours through your office windows, keeping your furniture and furnishings looking as good as new for as long as possible.

6. More stylish: Have you ever seen tall office blocks with all their windows tinted? These towering office blocks appear ultra-modern, clean and minimalist, a look that is very contemporary and sleek. You can use the same technique to give your office an up-to-date and high-tech feel by simply tinting all the external windows. If your office is on the ground floor, pedestrian traffic and customers will immediately notice the appearance of your offices, because they will stand out from the crowd. If your offices are in a tower block that already takes advantage of window tinting, you can sit back and bask in the glory!

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